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Information Technologies (IT) is a very large umbrella covering and interfacing with just about every industry. It wasn’t always so. In 1977 Mark Underwood recognized a market need on the part of mid-sized and large corporations, even smaller and privately owned companies, for professionals with the skill sets required to manage a burgeoning flow of information.

Since those early years The Underwood Group has located and introduced the talent and experience which thousands of companies, of all sizes, must have in order to be competitive and profitable.


Although there is a huge selection of IT "tools" with which and in which to work, The Underwood Group has developed proprietary techniques and unique ways in which to locate the very highest quality IT talent.

The Underwood Group is not an employment agency. We are more a network, a tenured contact base within the greater IT field. And because of our own experience we are able to accurately match the tasks required by our customers to experienced people who possess the correct skills for those specific tasks. We find individuals who have done what you need done, with a command of the tools your company prefers. Individuals who the others can’t find. People who have the career match you’re looking for.

The Underwood Group has the ability to network to the right personnel, to give you a selection of professionals who can solve your IT problems.

We have an experienced IT career specialist available to help you do just that…

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